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Hannah Bardell 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏳️‍🌈

The mess of UK Labour & indeed the Conservatives, shows how failed the Westminster system is. Not good for democrac…

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ᴅᴀɴ ʜᴇᴠɪᴀ

Canadian Twitch streamers: Slide into my DMs or email me (in bio) with your Twitch channel and contact email. I ha…

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Sunflower Bean

🚨TOUR EMERGENCY🚨 HOUSTON, TX! Does anyone have this power supply or something compatible with a Korg TR-88 workstat…

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Kala Ganesh

RT @sathyanarayancv: Enure this Great man, Tamizh Thaatha as he is fondly remembered by those care for Tamizh gets his due asap. It is very…

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Kate Flannery

RT @davidjrosenberg: The 7 splitters are all very keen on a "people's vote" and referenda, so let's have a People's Vote in their constitue…

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Congratulations @PatMcAfeeShow & @Sami_lynn24!

1 week ago


See you at the office, Pat! @PatMcAfeeShow has signed as a contributor with @WWE!

1 week ago


RT @thebitica: "You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have…

1 week ago


【マカフィー砲】「マカフィー砲」とは、セキュリティソフトウェアの開発者であるジョンマカフィー氏(John McAfee)が、ツイッター上でツイートした銘柄の価値が、一気に上昇するという現象から名付けられたものである。

1 week ago