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Jeremy Perry

@lukestar0208 yes but like I have mcpc sounds for wood dirt doors and stuff can I get that too or is there no way?

6 years ago


@Scary_Enderman @jbernhardsson u may be able to host servers but it doesn't work like mcpc

6 years ago


Big thanks to @joefilippello for the #Movember donation! Great support from our partners as usual! #NetApp #MCPc

6 years ago

Serge Van Herck

Barrier breaking #Satcom throughput (video) New Very High Speed SCPC/MCPC modem from Newtec - explained in 2 minutes -

6 years ago

Bill Sanders

Cisco's acquisition of Meraki and the future of wireless access

6 years ago


The church is moving forward... now in this digital era: have to stay ahead of the curve; so we are tweeting now too! #MCPC #SoldiersOfGod

6 years ago


For veryone to know!!!! I am now playing on mcpc with @mcpehappyguy please come join my nmae is: ragface

6 years ago

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