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Ministerio de Gobierno Ecuador

Pese a que los Centros de Privación de Libertad no son administrados por el MDG ni la @PoliciaEcuador, el ministro…

1 day ago

Ministerio de Gobierno Ecuador

El ministro @ppazminoec felicitó a los 274 Subtenientes que forman parte de la promoción Cptn Juan Carlos Montenegr…

11 hours ago


DBDやるんじぇ!😚💓 m4CfsZ #みたでらげーむ #MDG

5 days ago

Nzabandora Justin

@NickKristof It calls for talent to pack all those stupidities in one tweet. Pull some facts from the MDG's, now th…

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Direction générale du Trésor à Madagascar

RT @RavinalaAirport: #RavinalaAirports, officialise la fin du processus de relocalisation des anciens occupants du village Fascène Gare à N…

1 minute ago

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Kamran Khan

سال 2021 500 ارب رپوں کی نئی سرمایہ کاری سے نئی انڈسٹریز و پرانی انڈسٹریز میں expansion کا تاریخی سال ہوگا SBP کی…

1 month ago

Carolyn B. Maloney

WE NEED ANSWERS. We need to pass my bill, the Insurrection Financing Transparency Act, that would allow law enforce…

1 month ago


“In revoking this permit, the Biden Administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists instead o…

1 month ago

Lucifer morning ⭐

RT @Venkata22935240: As IT, minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Nara Lokesh garu, has brought about a renewed interest among potential investor…

1 month ago