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Shannon Watts

According to the article, filings for 2017 show that the @NRA paid its PR and marketing firm, Ackerman McQueen, and…

22 hours ago

93 WIBC Indianapolis

UPDATE: The CBS and Fox affiliates in Denver say Sol Pais, the woman obsessed with the Columbine High School shooti…

1 day ago

EJ Dionne

From #Mueller: "In total, Trump campaign affiliates promoted dozens of tweets, posts and other political content cr…

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Terrence K. Williams

Don’t listen to the MSM ! Don’t let them divide us by starting race wars. I was on a plane back home & I couldn’…

1 month ago

Shekhar Gupta

Ejected, beaten, bloodied, blindfolded, handcuffed, in enemy captivity... What do you say? This is my name, rank…

1 month ago

John Bolton

Venezuelan military rank-and-file & their families are also suffering from the humanitarian crisis. While Maduro, h…

1 month ago