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First Databank

These expert tips via the @nytimes will give you & your home a fresh start in the new year, including valuable info…

3 days ago

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Jon Favreau

Republican Members of Congress, newly vaccinated with steady paychecks that come out of our pockets, are home enjoy…

4 weeks ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz

The America First Movement is only dangerous to those who would sell out our country to foreign interests abroad or…

4 weeks ago

Katie Pavlich

There are U.S. troops all over the world, many with young families, who will not be home for Christmas. I think the…

4 weeks ago


RT @Hauwa_L: DS: Come home and fix this mess! Me: Me I am sewing my lab coat. Nobody should disturb me. *slurps garri* D.S: Me: Ah Dadd…

4 weeks ago