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Mark Andrew P Adonis

Happy September 1st, folks! So, what does it mean? More weekend getaways and beach vacations. Speaking of beach, Ca…

3 weeks ago

Waterline Resort

Where... Boats meet the water. The water finds the beach. The sun touches the horizon. Fresh seafood meets local p…

3 weeks ago

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Vikas Pandey

Why is @RahulGandhi tweeting mansarovar pictures from google image search? Is he actually there or still enjoying p…

2 weeks ago

Taylor Nicole Dean

Kids better not ever go to the beach or pool. They’ll be traumatized for life.

3 weeks ago

Kayode Ogundamisi

"I am not corrupt" - @atiku We want to believe you, but please get us a reference letter from your former boss, a…

2 weeks ago


If there's anyone MENTALLY RETARDED it would be this person the DEPLORABLES and PUTIN gave America! Either that or…

2 weeks ago