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Kyle Griffin

Senate and House Democrats have sent a letter to the FEC requesting new rules for online political advertising.

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【予告&エキナカ情報】 9/23(土)~10/9(月)の期- 間、刀剣乱舞-ONLINE-より「ぽてだん!」とコラボした- 「3COINS×ぽてだん! POP UP STORE池袋駅店」を期間限定オープン決定☆ 詳細はコチラ- →…

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Trump's running Facebook ads the wider public can't see. This is exactly⚡️ why we built our Political Ad Collector…

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David Abioye

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Kasie Hunt

Sen. Graham told me "it's garbage" to suggest his bill would allow states not to cover pre-existing conditions Ins…

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Shannon Watts

I was a healthy person subsidizing sick people until my daughter was diagnosed with anorexia and needed 6 months of…

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Walter Shaub

Was going to announce Friday. I've signed as a CNN contributor, and looks like I'll be in VERY good company with th…

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Gaurav Parashar

@elixiretta Why water is wet? 🤔

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@Wesssssst Probably just beat him to it

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