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Alfie Kaye

RT @MichelleOwen7: @ewins_gary @mark_p_foley @EstherThePig @HEEFS_ Esther was thought to be a micro pig but as you can see she isn’t. Steve…

33 minutes ago


RT @IamDilipModi: We need more organisations like @Navodyami, which is helping rural entrepreneurs step up and scale. Know how they are doi…

4 hours ago

Jane Sutton

Just what are stretch marks? Tears in the dermis can happen when the skin is stretched beyond a specific point and…

5 hours ago

Karthik Nilagiri

OMR building collapse வருத்தம் தான்... ஆனா, சென்னை மக்கள் பூரா safe mark பண்ணி ஒருவித குழப்பமும் பதட்டமும் ஏற்படு…

6 hours ago

Mark Rimkus

RT @ValaAfshar: Enemies of innovation: 1 culture of blame 2 no safe space to experiment 3 desire to please all 4 big egos 5 self-doubt 6 m…

6 hours ago

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