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Il NordEst Quotidiano

Micromat TechTool Pro 13, aggiornata l’utility diagnostica per Mac #MicromatTechToolPro…

1 day ago


@NathanHamelberg Micromat. Kalops. I övrigt är jag rätt glad i att laga mat.

3 days ago

Won Novalis

@editblog I haven’t used their HD Utils in a while but I wonder if has one in their suite

5 days ago


My Mac’s backup/video drive developed an invalid key length error that Disk Utility was unable to repair. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Lo…

1 week ago

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Bernie Sanders

The refusal of Republican leaders to acknowledge the results of the presidential election is not just an attack on…

1 week ago

Garrett M. Graff

THREAD: With the clear projection of AZ for Biden last night, it's time for the media—and nation's leaders—to drama…

1 week ago

Kayleigh McEnany

This kind of dangerous, disgusting, and slanderous rhetoric is toxic for our country and must be condemned by the D…

1 week ago


Thank you for running. We want more women as leaders in politics. | Nov 14, 20:09

1 week ago