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Shiv Aroor

Hi @nazir_lord & @MarianaBaabar — that’s a news video from approximately 8 years ago. Do a little homework and acqu…

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Dana Loesch

Law-abiding gun owners didn’t make Scott Israel not do his duty and enforce the law, nor did they institute the Pro…

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Pete Buttigieg

Politics is about who you fight for and whose lives you want to make better. Trump would raise costs for drivers, h…

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Once 90% of the US Pop had entered n2 FEMA Camps& was forced to leave their weapons behind... HRC would have FLOODE…

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carlos luis morales cambrich

RT @skueffner: Reclaman por las grûas, reclaman por el tráfico, quieren ir a todas partes en auto propio y dejarlo dónde les da la gana #ar…

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