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Kevin McGreskin

People seeming to take great delight in the fact the referee changes his mind.... all because it’s Neymar. But why…

55 minutes ago

Jenna Jacobs

I just binged #JenniferGarner’s Instagram feed & I gotta say: she is the true delight I didn’t know I needed. Side…

10 hours ago

Gabriel Joesph

RT @blameitonjorge: Who's the super cool cop that always gets the bad guy? Donut Boy. He brings a delicious assortment of sweet delight. Do…

14 hours ago

jesse the wolf

only one thing on my mind & it’s this: what does turkish delight truly taste like and is it worth the events that o…

16 hours ago

Mark Wallace

@DUCKmagstoke Dragged his team single handedly to the last World Cup final. He’s a pure delight, having a mare at this tournament mind.

18 hours ago

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