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Ghost Override

Some wet pallette action...time to test er out #paintingwarhammer #warhammer40k #miniaturewargaming#

2 months ago

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Kyle Griffin

So Trump has better things to say about Kim Jong Un than John McCain or Jeff Flake.

1 month ago

The Notebook

I hate ending on bad terms or not having proper closure with someone... especially knowing there were so many things left unsaid

1 month ago

Brian Beutler

Fair to ask anyone who's tweeted anything like this in the past 2 years why they haven't learned or what upside the…

1 month ago

Kaley Singleton

RT @kella_tobi: @thebesttaco u were playing this song "im just a kid with a crazy dream" or so yesterday in ur stream, can u tell me the na…

1 month ago

Jay Shah

When you fully trust someone, you get one of two things: a person for life or a lesson for life

1 month ago