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@kin3muttering やっぱそうなんですね〜 新品のMacの香りキャンドルなんか- も存在してたりするくらいですし! 笑

10 hours ago


Tuscan Chicken Mac And Cheese (One Pot, Stove Top) Tuscan Chicken Mac And Cheese is a ONE POT dinner made on the…

16 hours ago

Dave Raven

RT @gplynch: Handy little tip for compressing #PDF files for #Mac and #Linux users, basically, do #pdf2ps and then…

1 day ago

Steve Mouzon

When I first started using Mac apps, I thought they were hideously underpowered. Then I realized they had an elegan…

2 days ago

leah 💞

It’s 2038. You go to visit your kid at SUNY Delhi. Gerry Hall is still under construction with minimal plumbing. Ma…

2 days ago

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