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Cornell William Brooks

Black brilliance A to Z... Watch till end, sound up...

19 hours ago

Wajahat "Wears a Mask Because of a Pandemic" Ali

Biden's best hire yet: Reema Dodin as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. If you want…

1 day ago

Sherrilyn Ifill

Well this makes my day. I’m grateful for all you do Rachel. Your brilliance, sensitivity, and use of your platform…

9 hours ago


@beiyhoon ikut ajh,, q jgx kyk.a ikut ntr mlm nnton😀

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Norum Hardyanto

RT @G_BrielleJKT48: muka udah lelah ngerjain tugas yg gaada abisnya :). aku bntr lg mau tidur, kalian jg ya udh mlm ni, goodnight ☺️💤 https…

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