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Jemele Hill

Remember that time they tried to position Megyn Kelly like she was some kind of revolutionary feminist. Fun times.

3 weeks ago

Adam Weinstein

Trump-appointed DHS immigration policy analyst: “Your Jew-free dinner party sounds fun, will I get to meet other li…

3 weeks ago


Fun fact: Muggles can't read everything on this departure board. #BackToHogwarts

3 weeks ago

Death In Obnoxious Improv Clothing

I never forgive serial killers. At least not the ones who were stark raving maddddd just for the fun of it. Like…

3 weeks ago


RT @chaobelIa: i love when dudes from high school hit me up like "i don't know why we didn't talk when we were younger" umm because y'all m…

3 weeks ago