Molecular Biology tweets

kethan suvarna

@_CharlotteH_ Molecular biology is at 9-11 on a monday. Comparative is Friday 2-5 and wednesday 11-1 so with pharmB that means no days off

7 years ago

Scott O Driscoll

@Gerardlong MSC in Molecular Cell Biology and Bioinnovation (Full-Time) :)

7 years ago

Jenna Huey

I can't wait for Molecular Biology to be over with. This semester has been full of too many kinases for me to even care about anymore.

7 years ago


We’re pleased to support the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSI) Annual Meeting & looking forward to seeing you!

7 years ago

Taylor Rose

This girl is done with molecular biology!!!! :)

7 years ago

I Brielieve

I'm sooo glad my cellular and molecular biology final is tomorrow! I'm so ready to be done with this class. It's been a struggle! ******

7 years ago

Marisa Jeanette

How to decode my last tweet: MCB=molecular and cellular biology. NSCS=neuroscience and cognitive science. PA=physician's assistant.

7 years ago

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