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Donald J. Trump

When I took the Oath of Office....

1 month ago

Lawrence O'Donnell

Is @realDonaldTrump tweet attack on msnbc during my show tonight because I exposed the fundraising emails he sent o…

1 month ago

Rob Reiner

The only national emergency sits in the Oval Office.

1 month ago

Dave Schools

NEW POST!! If you're working on building an online community (Slack, FB Group, etc.), here are special tips from…

1 month ago


﴿ والباقِيَاتُ الصّالِحاتُ خيرٌ عند ربكَ ثواباً وخيرٌ أَملا ﴾ الباقيات الصالحات هنّ سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا إله…

1 month ago