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ABS-CBN Sports

WATCH! #PVLonABSCBN: Cool Smashers sweep Lady Eagles for solo lead [FULL MATCH] S1: S2:…

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Vogue Magazine

.@Netflix's Original series 'Élite' is 'The OC' by way of 'Riverdale' by way of 'Cruel Intentions'.

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Jamie Bryson

25 years on from the Shankill bomb, those that planned it & authorised it have not faced justice. Ardoyne IRA OC Jo…

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Fake Todd Haley

RT @BCastOhio: You literally can’t make this stuff up. Have never heard a ref say anything close to that in all the football I’ve watched i…

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What a Wonderful Day To Be A Zeraora (1 day 🕺🏻)

RT @ShadowSnivy14: Yalini's wearing her Espeon hoodie today! She seems like a sleepy bean recently~ ✨ #pokemon #snivy #oc #eeveelution htt…

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