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@d_seaman We should all visit and see that dude's sphere of influence, there's so much to l…

2 days ago

Ted C. Moorman, PhD

To #dispel a #rumor that one #thinktank has a #monopoly on the #ExecutiveBranch or #POTUS , see this.

2 days ago

Tom Jefferson

CFR Treasury CFR legacy system CFRHollywood…

3 days ago

Muckety (Laurie B)

We have the council in our db. Here's an expanded map:

4 days ago

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Christopher Mims

My favorite fact about Russia is that Italy's economy is a third bigger. Really puts Russia's disproportionate influence in perspective.

2 days ago

Glenn Greenwald

"The influence of dollars on [Washington] is what scares me. I think it ultimately threatens democracy" - Warren, a…

2 days ago

Clint Watts

Headed back to Capitol Hill today testifying on Russian Cyber Influence Senate Armed Services - Cyber Subcommittee

2 days ago

Talent Ahereza

RT @Barclays: #Barclays Q1 2017 results published today

1 day ago

Sammy Settanni

RT @funder: French Prosecutors Investigating Award Of World Cup To Russia For Influence Peddling #trumprussia #burrmustrecuse…

1 day ago