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Sen Dianne Feinstein

.@SenKamalaHarris and I represent 40 million people. We have a bill to make insurance more affordable. We've been shut out. #HoldTheFloor

1 month ago

Justin Tinsley

Phife was 45. Heavy D, 44. Prince Be, 46. King Reign, 40. Big Syke, 48. And Prodigy was 42. Wow. Health really is life and death.

1 month ago

حمد الصويلحي

"أكثر من 40 مليون ريال ضخها العاشق ماجد بن عبدالله لخزينة #الهلال في عام واحد" #الهلال غني برجاله .. محظوظ بأمثال…

1 month ago


RT @ogosts: Recuerden este día cuando en Enero haga 40 grados a las siete d la mañana con humedad y sin luz. Ahí se darán cuenta que tan fe…

1 month ago


RT @DloHive: This guy dropped 40 on the cavs at 20 years old!! What else did he have to do to prove the potential he has

1 month ago