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Kyle Griffin

CNN confirms: The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee looked into allegations that Ukraine interfer…

3 days ago

Brian Stelter

Sue Gordon speaks. And the CNN headline is stark: "Former official says Trump often refused to believe his intelli…

3 days ago

Manu Raju

Just tried to ask Devin Nunes to react to being named in the Dems’ impeachment report - and he ignored my question.…

3 days ago


RT @NatsukiYasuda: 「どこの国から来たんだ?」取材中、シリアから逃れてきた人々に尋ねられ「日本だ」と答えると、歓迎されることが多々あった。日本は攻撃を加えない国だから、と。けれども今、そんな私たちの”強み"が揺らいでいないだろうか。中村さんはいつも、そんな警鐘…

2 days ago

such pretty forks in the road.

Atribuí nota 10 ao episódio 1x21 - Rusted Warrior and Unopening Door de Fairy Gone #bancodeseries

2 days ago