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Rocco Webster

One victim gave Rotherham police 250 names of Muslim child rapists, they did nothing

2 days ago

Sandy Dune

ISIS, Hamas, MB, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, CAIR, Obama=same bacon, different brand names.

3 days ago


@SLATUKIP @NickHoutBay I think calling someone names (NOT right) is nothing comparable to Muslim fanatics that want to behead us in the uk

6 days ago

Gasser ezat

بحبكوا كلكوا ،، كلكوا قمرات كلكوا قمرات 3:) ،، أنا إسمي طلع فشيخ فشخ ،، ناقصني قوس و سيفين و لبس سوبر مان م...

6 days ago

Claudette Conrad

@slone of the US has a President welcomed & paid for the advise & direction of our enemies who are pushing the "Muslim" agenda! Their names-

6 days ago

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Historical Pics

An incredible Ottoman map of the United States from 1803. Includes state names & Native American tribes in the West.

1 day ago

عاجل السعودية

تعليم #الرياض.. تعتمد 512 معلماً لتعليم الكبار،بعد إجراء عملية الفرز والمفاضلة لمجموع المتقدمين.. الأسماء على :

17 hours ago


From the archive: How London boroughs got their names

13 hours ago


Tonight in Rome on Olimpico #matchforpeace many great names of football on one place for humane reason...20:30 Rai 1

19 seconds ago


Jangan lupa dilaksanakan tugas sebagai umat muslim 😊

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