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Tamur Shaltut

@MarcDavis5 Allah has names us #only #MUSLIM in Quran 22:78 (#NO #SECTS). Quran blasts sects over four time:

1 month ago

Mo Lunat

Our names are important to us: Prophet Muhammad never taught us to seek refuge with Allah from ourselves, but...

1 month ago

Muslim Patrol

"@Faysal_FreeGaza: Lol 'koofah'" "They call us names. And then they laugh at us when we can't say it ourselves"

1 month ago


@TheOracle13 The women, unknown names to us, who defied Muslim custom and buried the woman unjustly, summarily executed for blasphemy.

1 month ago

Chris McDaniel

RT @TehachapiHomes: DHS: At Least 40 Americans Who Fought With ISIS Overseas Are Back in the US & they have Muslim names…

1 month ago

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