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Shane Dawson

thank you @littlelizziev for being such an amazing friend to me and for always being able to keep up with my sick j…

1 week ago

Eric Stangel

I’m not making any jokes about this OJ special. In case he’s reading this, I don’t want him to hypothetically murder me too #DidOJConfess

1 week ago

The Poke

RIP Ken Dodd - who got married two days ago apparently as a final two fingers to the Inland Revenue as there's no i…

1 week ago

Jo Bosworth

Hogging the radiator. Keeping warm. Wayne telling me silly jokes. #worklife #breakdown

6 days ago

Diane Albright

I use jokes to cover my problems, to see what’s bothering me look at what I’m laughing about the hardest.

6 days ago

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