My Feet Was tweets

Bri Dick

Never was this lady getting a tattoo and she said, "sorry if my feet smell" wtf lmao

6 years ago

Sorry I'm Psycho

@jackieweigand thought i was the only one! My necks burning my stomach hurts and my legs and feet are tingly

6 years ago

Tony M.


6 years ago

Jessica Evans

My mom just told me that the reason she had me was so she had someone to rub her feet. Thanks, love you too!

6 years ago

▲ Lεαααh ⚓ ▲

My cat was laying on my lap, and she slowly slid down to my feet.

6 years ago

Serena Garcia

@izzy_2014 Yeah after I kicked him because he was allll close to my feet lol

6 years ago

Angelica Vazquez ✌

I wish I knew what it was like for my feet to touch the floor.... #whyamiamidget

6 years ago

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