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LA Galaxy

“It’s been three movie-like years since my arrival to LA to play soccer for the best club in the history of @MLS. G…

5 days ago

Rate Limit Exceeder Cernovich

Watching "reporters" unable to keep up with these hearings while I watch my daughter play yet follow along and give…

5 days ago

Coach Dee Brown

My phone been goin crazy. WOW it’s on, I HOPE WE PLAY, We are going to be really good!!! @AyoDos_11 makes…

3 days ago

Matt Bloomfield

What is the best <$250 acoustic guitar? I play from time to time but my guitar neck must be warped or something bec…

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Option A. Easy for me. To be one of the best to ever play the game is more of an accomplishment than a Chip in my o…

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