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Doc is watching all of Gundam (they/them)

RT @skexchs: fondly remembering the time in xiv where i hired someone rping as a garden gnome to decorate my yard for an hour and when the…

4 days ago

Olapo Toyin

@YourBabysDoctor Thanks Doc! Let me just share this here. In 2009, my sis(a nurse, hub, a medical doc) put to bed a…

5 days ago


That new “which of these 5,000 characters are you” quiz going around is pretty good - it picked up my Evelyn from t…

6 days ago

Merritt Kelly

@medit8now @TimInHonolulu Lol Yes. Both hub and best friend told me I needed to at least do this stuff. Next is get…

6 days ago

Stacy Harmon

@Freestylepharm1 @CDCDirector My ID doc not so jokingly suggested grub hub/doordash the other day, they’ve already…

6 days ago

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