Myers Briggs tweets

Be αn Ǝvolving, ✌ou

Why do people fall to realize that the Myers Briggs cannot define you, its just a very useful tool.

7 years ago

Pete Ivanecky

somebody should remind people that myers-briggs personality types aren't like mental disorders or anything

7 years ago

Jarrod Rudesill

Whitney:I think I'm having a contraction. Me: Oh it's probably just one of those Myers-Briggs. Whitney:(laughi- ng while in pain) #lotstolearn

7 years ago

Chris Adams

about to take the Myers-Briggs test #wastingtime

7 years ago

Michael Metroka

fun little personality test:

7 years ago

Nadine Long

@feather_clark @Bethany_Hagen I had to take the Myers-Briggs after our discussion this weekend. For the record, I am an INTJ. And stuff.

7 years ago

Kenneth Paar

@Passion_at_Work Duh! I'm showing my age because I haven't filled out a Myers-Briggs form in over 15 years.

7 years ago

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