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reike plecas

$200,000 Equity deal in Chicago. Go to @myhousedealscom for more info #investmentproperty

1 week ago

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Robert Reich

I don't know who needs to hear this, but passing a $740,000,000,000 taxpayer-funded bill to pad our bloated militar…

1 week ago

Charlie Kirk

Does anyone else find it strange that the Mayor of Minneapolis tweeted about Somali Independence Day on July 1st bu…

1 week ago

Tammy Duckworth

It’s been 11 days since we learned Russia has offered bounties for the deaths of American soldiers. Donald Trump h…

1 week ago


RT @BankofAmerica: Even debit cards get misplaced sometimes. The next time it happens, follow these 3 steps: 1) Temporarily lock your card,…

6 days ago

saisivaram movva

RT @VamsiTarakFan1: #17YearsForIHSimhadri 50 days in 167 centers. 100 days in 150 centers. 175 days in 52 direct centers. The film collect…

6 days ago