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Brian J. Karem

One question for POTUS this morning: Can we take the billions for your invisible, solar powered wall and help rebuild Houston instead?

3 weeks ago


Introducing Gab News, powered by The People. View it here:

3 weeks ago

Charles Milander

Australia to launch beach-protecting, AI-powered shark drones - CNET #charlesmilander

3 weeks ago


RT @iJesseWilliams: Eeeeeeeeeasy with those sharp scissors. The book-powered internal organ massage was amazing. Great lighting! #FiveStars…

3 weeks ago


RT @harikiri_tairi: 【アメブロ更新】朝食 - 平愛梨オフィシャルブログ 「Love Pear」 Powered by Ameba #ametwi

3 weeks ago