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Bette Midler

Thinking of changing the lyrics to one of my songs. Would you download, “The Putin Pleasin’ Treason Boy of Company Pee”?

1 day ago

Mesut Özil

The past couple of weeks have given me time to reflect, and time to think over the events of the last few months. C…

11 hours ago

Stray Kids

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <I am WHO> TRACK LIST 2018.08.06 #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #IamWHO #MyPace #UNVE- IL

7 hours ago

having le fun

@imbobswaget the 2 fiercest monopolizers of the browsing market, Google & My Wife

just now


RT @camaracts: im babysitting my cousin and he is determined to get me pulled over

just now

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