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Donald J. Trump

The Fake News Media barely mentions the fact that the Stock Market just hit another New Record and that business in…

1 week ago

Heraa Hashmi

With recent news regarding Logan Paul, I instead want to talk about Chen Si.

1 week ago

Nicole Perlroth

1. Apparently I don't know how to thread, so here goes my second attempt at blasting you with critical news on this…

1 week ago

Shiela Galindo

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1 week ago


RT @kyunghyang: 60대 경비원 ”가장으로서 한순간에 나락으로 떨어진 기분... 용역회사 통해 재고용을 한다고는 하나 언제든지 민원 등을 문제삼아서 해고할 수 있기 때문에 불안감이 크다”

1 week ago