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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

He can stay, he can go. He can be impeached, or voted out in 2020. But removing Trump will not remove the infrastr…

3 weeks ago

Charlie Kirk

Can we please spend $40 million and two years investigating: Hillary smashing devices illegally with hammers Bil…

3 weeks ago

Kamala Harris

In America, public school teachers are paid about $13,000 a year less than other college graduates. That could be m…

3 weeks ago


RT @hootsuite: Twitter has become one of the most popular places people to watch, share, and talk about videos online. Here’s our guide to…

3 weeks ago

Stefan Volkmer

RT @log_passau: Stefan Fischerländer has 20 years of experience in SEO consulting. He was speaker at major online conferences and often fea…

3 weeks ago