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Iraq's 'Valley of Peace' | World's biggest cemetery captured by drone The burial site is home to many…

1 day ago


The sheer vastness of the world's largest cemetery, Wadi al-Salam in Najaf, Iraq, has been captured using a drone.

2 days ago

Mohamad Safa

The closest way to God... is neither Najaf nor Mecca, nor Bethlehem nor Jerusalem, nor the Vatican or India... the…

4 days ago

Najaf Agha

RT @Jooookeeeerrrr: جس نے بھی ویڈیو بنایا ہے کمال کا بنایا 😂😂😂 بلاول: اسپیکر صاحب کہاں سے شروع کروں عمران خان:جب بارش آٹا ہے تو پانی آٹا ہ…

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