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Naufal Idrus

hello my name is peter , im selling pirate vcd , you can find me selling at the petaling street #np

8 years ago

Erika Lindsey

Congrats to Joel on his special day...I forgot his Twitter name so @Jonartis please tell him lol :)

8 years ago


RT @bobbryar: oh! and this is our new addition. his name is peter. he was tied outside to a chain for 2 years. now he's spoiled. ** http: ...

8 years ago

#Al#Capone (:‚ô•

@Kece24_Sauce @Linniee_XOXO lmao yup the white girl is cute : ) ( idk how to spell your name ctfu )

8 years ago


Where did the girl in the leather jacket go? Come back, I need to know your name!

8 years ago

MiRi Ben- Ari

Lmao Rico always calls me by my twitter name

8 years ago

Eric Metaxas

We are today approaching the point where the MOST CLEVER COFFEESHOP NAME IN HISTORY will be revealed...

8 years ago

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