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Naufal Idrus

hello my name is peter , im selling pirate vcd , you can find me selling at the petaling street #np

11 years ago

Erika Lindsey

Congrats to Joel on his special day...I forgot his Twitter name so @Jonartis please tell him lol :)

11 years ago


RT @bobbryar: oh! and this is our new addition. his name is peter. he was tied outside to a chain for 2 years. now he's spoiled. ** http: ...

11 years ago

#Al#Capone (:‚ô•

@Kece24_Sauce @Linniee_XOXO lmao yup the white girl is cute : ) ( idk how to spell your name ctfu )

11 years ago


Where did the girl in the leather jacket go? Come back, I need to know your name!

11 years ago

MiRi Ben- Ari

Lmao Rico always calls me by my twitter name

11 years ago

Eric Metaxas

We are today approaching the point where the MOST CLEVER COFFEESHOP NAME IN HISTORY will be revealed...

11 years ago

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