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@shori_ff14 @_Nana_game @ppp709 @kihm101 @Taskunnn @wall__kabe @lolonofu_m 月曜日なのね〜もしないなら1人で野良の闇見に行こうかと思っ- てた〜

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Hospital Art Studio

RT @KarenvandeB: Just finished this #watercolour #portrait #painting of my mother-in-law (called 'Nana in the Red Chair) from a photo taken…

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@kurusu_trw @_Nana_game @ppp709 @kihm101 @Taskunnn @wall__kabe @lolonofu_m 次の月曜の夜って話にならなかったっけ? スケジュール立てて- こようか

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@_Nana_game @ppp709 @kihm101 @Taskunnn @wall__kabe @lolonofu_m @shori_ff14 今週の消化ってどうでした?

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Arthur Pendragon

RT @iSkinnyLegendz: Did you know Mariah Carey was onboard the Titanic when it hit the iceberg. She was so skinny she survived by hiding in…

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