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@xJustADream2 Safe warst auf Narutopedia und hast gute Zitate gesucht 🤦🏼‍♂️ Dabei hast du ihm beim schauen von Nar…

21 hours ago

Today I️ learned Narutopedia is a thing 😂

4 days ago

twinky 🎈

@ooonooder narutopedia....

6 days ago

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Got to hand it to @FortniteGame - The new Season 5 warp portals are so clever! They allow you to land on the edge…

6 days ago


Agents, Starting now and until July 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT you can earn double AP for deploying on a Portal and tripl…

5 days ago

Jesús Robles Maloof

Interesante reportaje del portal Breaking sobre la nota de @El_Universal_Mx Estados Unidos ha investigado a AMLO d…

6 days ago


RT @get2rao: Enhanced PPS, 1- Better management of the results on polling day 2- Ability to capture RO's result against each polling stati…

5 days ago