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Jo Maugham QC

The Court's role is to uphold the law - not to act as parent to a stroppy child. The question whether the Prime Min…

3 weeks ago

Oliver McGee PhD MBA

Retweet Medicare-for-All HITS US at $3.4T/year @BernieSanders @AOC! This healthcare policy costs each of us $10K/y…

3 weeks ago

Shibani Mahtani

This little kid got involved in the supply line. Poignant graffiti, “it was you who taught me that peaceful protest…

3 weeks ago


RT @bartoncollege: #BartonCollege receives a combined $2.5 million from BB&T and the BB&T Charitable Fund -- $2 million to name a new stadi…

3 weeks ago

Rob Ives

@EsotericCD @willcollier Legalize drugs, offer to help Mexico clean up. We provide the demand while we restrict t…

3 weeks ago

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