Native Foods tweets

Daniela Orozco

Native Foods sounds delicious right now.

7 years ago


Native foods with Briana. What's school

7 years ago

Kamaria Porter

I'm at Native Foods Café (Chicago, IL)

7 years ago

WholeSoy & Co.

@amccarrick Thank you for the love! A few places in Jacksonville carry it: Grassroots Market, Native Sun, & Whole Foods! You're set! :)

7 years ago


If I could I would get on a plane right now, fly to Ohare then take the blue line to Wicker Park eat Native Foods and go to Reckless Records

7 years ago

Matt J. Olsen

I just ousted @luckynumber11 as the mayor of Native Sun Natural Foods Market on @foursquare!

7 years ago


@quarrygirl Happy anniversary! BTW new Native Foods menu items coming next month.

7 years ago

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