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Peace Love Sham❤

Hope this ride don't take long..

5 years ago

sjoerd kranendonk

RT @Natural_Self: Brand new Natural Self track now premiering as a free DL at Clash Magazine

5 years ago

Monique Ware

RT @VirgosUnited: #Virgos are natural born leaders. They love getting things done their way.

5 years ago


Old Age, the natural death is, as it were, a port or haven to us after.

5 years ago


Giant animated dinosaur @ Natural History Museum overheard mum to frightened kid. "It's just like a big furby".

5 years ago

L. Saraswaty

RT @neverknownfacts: Due to our natural instinct for protection, we naturally tend to focus on the negatives of a person more than the p ...

5 years ago


My natural nails

5 years ago

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