Nearby Tweets tweets

Elliott Earls

@Twitterrific does the new version have mute, and nearby tweets? Can't find it. Anybody? #twitterific

8 years ago


@keiratickethome I'm nick haha! I searched nearby tweets And a little pin point came up right near my house! I'm pretty sure I can see...1/2

8 years ago

Check Engine Light

@BHoNeg My “nearby tweets” feed makes me want to climb a tower with a high-powered rifle.

8 years ago

Buck Thomas

'Nearby Tweets' "We'll never die." #statisticallyimprobabletweet- oftheday

8 years ago

Drew Davis

@StephenASparks bottom right "search" then "nearby tweets"

8 years ago

Brock Johnson

What twitter apps are you all using to see tweets nearby ? Does plume have this feature?

8 years ago

Renae Parks

One last tweet. Reading nearby tweets right now is pure comedy. Sorry Texans.

8 years ago

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