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Holylands Culchie

@CregganDerry @Sir__Walsingham for someone not obsessed by SinnFein he sure does tweet about them an awful lot. His…

1 month ago

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Ari Berman

Indiana Republicans expanding early voting in GOP counties while limiting early voting in Dem counties. Unbelievable

1 month ago

Brian Cox

My timeline today is a rich source of data on 'climate skeptics'. 97.8% are men over age of 65 and average number of followers is 4.6.

1 month ago


Za_wonnie : Quantum AI Big Data Cloud Advanced Training 3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook :

1 month ago

Swamp Music Players

RT @DrPhiltill: The yellow stack behind the French Fry maker holds the actual Lunar Orbiter mission data tapes. The images recovered from t…

1 month ago