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Mr Sinha

People thought UT would convince his Italian masters to go soft on #VeerSavarkar but it seems like Italians ordered…

3 hours ago

ꜰᴜʀᴀ 1 ☁︎︎

Im sad baca about Thalassemia tu 🥹 Pastu nak nangis sebab sedih. Im soft… I cepat sedih when it comes to issue like…

1 day ago


Token Name: Magic GPT Game (MGPT) Telegram: Token Address: 0x03450c8c2a9265823a715caD9cd- 3aD…

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Mihlali Nyakaza

RT @genmnz: the boys are really in their soft girl era rn 😭😭😭

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Emmanson | Rotten_Us

RT @ShibeSocietyNFT: Meet Rouge, the soft and romantic Shibe who made her riches by becoming a professional athlete in the hot dog eating l…

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