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olivera kovacevic

RT @NETAPORTER: #DeLaVali's 'Bluebell' dress is modeled after vintage cheongsams. It's made from lightweight silk-georgette printed with li…

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ぷれあぷで採点レビューされた優良iPhoneアプリ!『Kn- ots 3D (ロープの結び方 - ノット アプリ)』 ぷれあぷレビュアーの平均点は??https:/- /

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'League of Legends' drops animated MV and live performance of True Damage's 'GIANTS' featuring (G)I-DLE's Soyeon…

1 week ago

Laurence Tribe

Whether the Trump machine’s “torrents of populist propaganda” can do more to persuade voters than any sober present…

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Daniel Hannan

Taking back control of our laws, money, trade, standards, farming and fishing is "not Brexit"? Seriously? Try putti…

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s ɐ ɔ n ˥

RT @whaddaflip: When I say I’m ugly, I’m not fishing for compliments or seeking validation. I’m genuinely clapped.

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