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Also, one of the disadvantages producing this #substance is the detachment of stench due to the hydrogen sulphide (…

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단어 선생님 로키(가끔 불러도 돼)

regulation 규제 substance 물질 relevant 관련 있는 representative 대표적인 when it comes to ~에 관한 한 elaborate 정교하게 만들어내다 net profit 순이익 conductor 지휘자

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中古新着品を随時ご紹介! [CLUB/DANCE] Sub- stance III / ZIN-SAY! 人生 CD 3,000円(税込) /x3cxkqn1Ig

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Charleston Chronicle

#TheHighNote is light on substance, heavy on entertainment value and a definite guilty pleasure

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