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Lance Wallnau

Greetings from Beijing! Making new friends: Marxists, Buddhist, Taoist, Professors, Catholic, hosted by Communist Party. Love my call.

9 years ago

Emily Sandlin

buddhist thinking: you aren't going to get rid of craving by getting rid of cravings because it will always find a new outlet #SOTRUE

9 years ago

nelya agustine

hi, new product Denying Divinity: Apophasis in the Patristic Christian and Soto Zen Buddhist Traditio... get it now

9 years ago

Oleg Dobrynin KTA

@VinayTheKiwi DUDE. Same, for real. I wanna try a new religion, Christianity isn't cutting it for me. I wanna read the Buddhist scriptures.

9 years ago

Adam Christopher

RT @DBolelli: “Where can I find the best beer and the prettiest women?” a question asked by Buddhist saint Drukpa Kunley when he'd visit ...

9 years ago

Timothy Brown

@ABR_LIVE ?_? why drats? im gonna be smoking like a sailor on new years probly. Buddhist new years isnt till april

9 years ago

Vietnam Tribune

A prominent Vietnamese Buddhist leader on Friday called a new religious decree issued by the one party communist ...

9 years ago

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