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Donald J. Trump

The Economy is strong and good, whereas the rest of the world is not doing so well. Despite this the Fake News Medi…

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Mahesh Babu

Deeply disturbing news... the #AmazonRainforest, rightfully called the 'lungs of our planet'... contributing to 20%…

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BBC News (World)

“The Amazon region is burning!” The largest rainforest in the world, vital in the fight against global warming, ho…

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RT @akkiyy2020: 慰安婦だの徴用工だの言いがかりをつければ日本は要求を飲むと- 考えた これも米国を動かす為だろう、もはや赤く染まった韓国- など無価値だと知らずに 敵対国にはハッキリとした制裁を課す- べき時が来た GSOMIA破棄、文在寅政権が極端な決定に- 走ったワケ h…

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RT @gigazine: 気温や降水量から「その時期に最も旅行に適した場所」を可視化- してくれるマップ「The Best Time to Visit Anywhere in the World」(2017) nt6I0m7

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