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Amazon fires: Brazilian rainforest burning at record rate, space agency warns

4 hours ago


カーバルが新たな困難に立ち向かう『Kerbal Space Program 2』発表。スペースコロニーや新宇宙探検、マルチプレイに対応- する宇宙開発シム 7LQ

1 day ago

CBS News

Scientists believe they detected a black hole swallowing a neutron star, causing ripples in space and time…

4 hours ago

Chesapeake Bay Mag

RT @Space_Station: The Chesapeake Bay reaches into Maryland, seen here in 1973 from Skylab and 2018 from an astronaut’s-eye-view aboard the…

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Improving 5G Networks & Space Travel With Ceramic 4D Printing

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