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James Introcaso

@kayncli @syd_shields Syd told me this when I interviewed her on Table Top Babble. She's not wrong. It's been on Ni…

1 month ago

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Tony Shaffer

@DrCraigMalkin @Comey @nytopinion Yes - apparently 1) you are a narcissist dwelling in his mom's basement cannot st…

1 month ago

Tony Watts

I'm "I love Lucy" Nick @ Nite old

1 month ago


@theMACattak That’s why these kids don’t know nothing past 2000 unlike us who knew at least something of our parent…

1 month ago


@kinsie Ah yeah, I used to watch them on Nick-at-Nite like 25 years ago.

1 month ago

Nick Rose

RT @XXL: Those "Day 'N' Nite" vibes really do hit like that:

1 month ago