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Pëđrãø ♡!

Mano assistir Kenan e Kel no nick at nite era sensacional, sdds dessa época.

44 minutes ago

Monkules BLM

@rainmc @NotAllChris @3nigmatic_01 @Jinga11s @LolaDreaD @Kirk_Spockman @HeyHaibear @ladyasterianox @IDreamOfNinja…

1 hour ago


RT @__Ridan: George Lopez>>>>>>- >>>>>>>&- gt;>>>>>>&g- t;>>>> Full House and Friends for Nick at Nite

5 hours ago


Completely different shows, but imma have to agree just bc of the nostalgia of watching it at 2am on Nick at Nite i…

6 hours ago

emily ♡

@nwalks Friends is on Nick at Nite now?? I feel old. I remember when it used to be I Love Lucy & Bewitched 🥴

8 hours ago

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