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GRV|Washed Dabuz

Btw, crowd booing at evo is a really bad look for the smash community, like, screw Bayo but let's not make EVO and…

1 week ago

Jack McCloud

Its really hard to swallow the final scene of #EarthBound because I KNOW a sequel was intended for Ness... but it n…

6 hours ago


Where da Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS scene in San Diego at???

6 hours ago


R.I.P emulating... everyone is always loving Nintendo but they're ruining the emulation scene and not providing any…

6 hours ago

Wii Twerk Trainer 🐈

Smash Ultimate scene is gonna be so huge! The game being on the Nintendo Switch is gonna draw a huge crowd of new p…

10 hours ago

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