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lyfe is good🎈

RT @HellenVanHalen: This scene hurts even more than Glenn’s scene somehow 😢😂

3 hours ago

Unironic Karen

RT @Triforce141: What a great way to do a scene transition Also, Nintendo please bring video capture support to this game #XenobladeChron…

3 hours ago


@TheJamesChatham It's my favorite scene ever where he calls him Super Nintendo Chalmers!

4 hours ago


@pc_gamer_squid @OrwellNGoode It's not like in the SEA scene where you can just demand more womyn or whatever to ge…

4 hours ago


New post (Best Nintendo 3DS Holiday Gift Guide 2017) has been published on Massive Games Scene -…

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@bexlaur So sorry about this! It looks like that item is unavailable, and the site should update accordingly. Let u…

1 month ago


@PerlaPepperoni as to why it is unavailable on the Canadian site, but we can recommend similar products!

1 month ago


@hdscizzorman Not sure if you were aware, but the video previews on your site have been unavailable via Youtube the last 2 updates

1 month ago


@MetroTix Will the site change when tickets are unavailable? Don't want to be sitting here all day if they are already gone.

1 month ago