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Ruchira Chaturvedi

मुझे कोई AC की ज़रूरत नहीं है, बिजली की ज़रूरत नहीं है, मैं पीड़ित परिवारों से मिले बिना यहाँ से हिलूंगी नहीं। बा…

1 day ago

emre alkin

Düşerken birisinin tutacağını bilseydi, büyük ihtimalle hiç uçamayacaktı. Seni birisinin tutmayacağını düşünerek ka…

22 hours ago

Brooklyn Defender Services

#Heatwave on Rikers: Most are without AC. DOC not providing summer clothes as required. Some only have 1 set of clo…

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@ac_aika まんまセックス(挿入はなし

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RT @eunos600: 俺的車に人乗せるとき OK ・寝る ・スマホ ・AC操作等- NG ・シートは引っぺがす! ・私は拐う! ・娘を探すの- を手伝えなんて突然めちゃくちゃは言い出す! ・人を撃ち合い- に巻き込んで大勢死人は出す! ・挙げ句は電話ボックスを持ち- 上げる! ・あんた…

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Donald J. Trump

He is a national disgrace who is destroying the City of London!

1 month ago

Paul Joseph Watson

Retweet if you think Trump is right in saying Sadiq Khan is a “national disgrace”.

1 month ago

Seth Abramson

The @nytimes owes its readers an explanation for why they have to wait until the *twenty-first paragraph* to find o…

1 month ago


1 month ago


RT @JudicialWatch: Judicial Watch filed an Open Records lawsuit on behalf of Todd Shepherd against SecState Griswold about Natl Popular Vot…

1 month ago